Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Health insurance quotes stay the same for more cover for women

Well, the Supreme Court has spoken and Obamacare is constitutional. No matter what your view of the decision, the world continues to turn on its axis and the Act has now kicked into life again. As from the 1st August, all health insurance plans have to offer free access to a range of preventive treatments for women. This is part of a more general public policy shift in favor of prevention. We need to be clear why this is desirable. There are a number of tests that can reveal a precancerous state. If there is treatment at this point, the development of an actually malignant cancer can often be prevented. This provides a long life with a better quality. From the government’s point of view, this is a wonderfully effective use of resources. You blanket the medical system with as many tests as possible to detect problems before they become serious and, by offering early interventions, keep the population healthy. What’s wrong with this? Well, doctors make their money when you fall seriously ill and have to go to hospital for treatment. The scale of their profits depend on you not having preventive treatment.

Because the success of Obamacare will only be complete if it controls costs, the switch to preventive medicine is essential. The range of screenings and treatments now available women free of charge has now been significantly increased. No longer will they be deterred by high initial fees or copayments. The highlights include mammograms to detect breast cancer, tests for papillomavirus for cervical cancer, tests of bone density to detect osteoporosis, screening for sexually transmitted disease including HIV, screening and counseling for domestic violence. These tests cover the situations in which women are most at risk with cancer being one of the top causes of death and osteoporosis being one of the more troublesome causes of fractures as the body ages. With the focus now on wellness and prevention, the quality of life enjoyed by women should significantly improve. This is a complete reversal of the situation before Obamacare was enacted and most health insurance quotes failed to provide any separate cover for women’s healthcare.